Link Light has received various sorts of support from partners since our founding in the year 2005, our products include: 1 Wp – 330 Wp monocrystalline / polysilicon silicon PV modules, rechargeable (with PV power) batteries, and PV power generation units. Their application covers: solar powered road lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, garden lamp, landscape light, traffic signal light, pharos for navigation and aviation, radio, home and business used power source to recharge electrical and electronic devises, portable power, weather station, base station of mobile signal, fireproof monitor station, and distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system and central solar photovoltaic power plant.

We have highly experienced staff in management, engineering, and production; world class equipment for manufacturing and inspection; and ISO9001:2008 certificated company system, which guarantee the supreme quality of products and services. 

Employees are hired based upon capability, integrity, creativity, then they work in an fair and open atmosphere, become a key drive for the development of the company. 

Our motto is ‘efficient, practical, brave, creative, honest, win-win’, our goal is ‘to promote the application of green energy to benefit people’, we are not only rational but also passionate, to provide to our clients with the best products and service, applying new technology to green energy products, making our-selves better while helping partners to grow.


We provide with:

New technology, good products, self-contained system, flawless service 

We promise to you:

Will always be honest, to cooperate in a reciprocal enviroment.

We only ask you:

To make a call to tell us what you need, then we’ll do the rest!